EWoT: Cat Dancer

Cat Dancer
Biographical information
Current Status Alive
Animal type Horse
Physical description
Gender Stalion
Color Bay
Chronological and ownership information
First appeared NS 1
Last appeared NS 22
Owner Lan Mandragoran

Cat Dancer is the war horse ridden by al'Lan Mandragoran during the Aiel War.[1]


Cat Dancer is a bay stallion.[1]



Lan leading Cat Dancer into Canluum.

Cat Dancer carried Lan Mandragoran near Tar Valon in the last days of the Aiel War.[1] He is also with Lan when the Malkieri and his company scout for Aiel near Kinslayer's Dagger.[2] Cat Dancer carried Lan to Canluum in Kandor.[3] As a trained war horse, Cat Dancer helps Lan, Moiraine Damodred, Bukama Marenellin, and Ryne Venamar defend against bandits on their way the Chachin.[4] As soon as the party arrives in Chachin, Lan gallops away to the Aesdaishar Palace.[5]


Cat Dancer on the cover of New Spring.


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