Living (or once living) individuals of The Wheel of Time series, not including Creators, who live in the real world.

All characters in the series can be classified in five different ways.

  1. By Sex - Men, Women and, rarely, Unknown gender.
  2. By Status - Alive, Dead and, occasionally, Unknown status
  3. By Occupation - This can be further split up into two main subgroups - those of Channelers and those that mainly concern Non-channelers.
  4. By Origin - This will be the nationality of anyone born in the Westlands and the ethnic group of those born outside. For many characters, however, their origins are unknown.
  5. By Species - While the vast majority of characters mentioned are human, there are also many named Non-humans.

This method of categorization is derived mainly from the use of the Character template, which should be included in all entries on the characters. This is a work-in-progress, so some characters may be missing from the character lists in the main sections, though will have entries in the wiki.

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