EWoT: Cenn Buie

"There's worse to come, you mark my words."
   —Cenn Buie

Cenn Buie is a thatcher who lives in Emond's Field.[1] He is known for griping about everything, and sometimes neglects his duties to complain. He sits on the Village Council.[1][2]


A dark, gnarled, beady-eyed man. In 998 NE he was the oldest villager living in Emond's Field, though he was not yet ninety years of age.[3]


He is part of the Village council, which is in session when Padan Fain arrives.

After the Trollocs first attack Emond's Field, he confronts Moiraine Damodred with a crowd behind him, demanding she leave at once.[4]

When Perrin return to confront the Whitecloaks he notices Perrin in the stable yard. Marin convinces him to keep quiet about Perrin.[5]

He complains so often that Perrin wishes anyone but him would be the village council representative at meetings during the defense of Emond's Field.[6]

He helps defend Emond's Field against the invading Trollocs.


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