Finn symbol. The chamber lies in the realm of the Finns.

The Chamber of Bonds is the main central chamber of the fortress of the Eelfinn.


The room has no columns, though the room is distinctly star-shaped. Eight tips and only the one doorway. Glowing yellow strips run up the sharp ends of the room, and eight empty pedestals stand, black and ominous, one at each point.


For a long time, the chamber could be reached by the twisted redstone doorframe ter'angreal located in Rhuidean. That portal has been destroyed, though; it caught on fire and began to melt when Moiraine and Lanfear fell through it.

As the chamber lies in the realm of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, it can possibly with great difficulty be reached through the Tower of Ghenjei, which is said to hold access to their world.

Place of bargains

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It's in the Chamber of Bonds humans can make bargains with the Eelfinn. In accordance to an ancient treaty between themselves and the humans of the real world. They will grant three wishes in exchange of a price.

Recent events


An Eelfinn

Matrim Cauthon

Matrim Cauthon came to the chamber with the Eelfinn, searching for answers but ignorant that the terms of their bargain involved wishes instead. As a result, Mat accidentally made three wishes:

  1. To have the holes in his memories filled,
  2. To be free from the One Power and Aes Sedai,
  3. To be away from the Eelfinn and return to Rhuidean if they would not answer his questions.

Since Mat did not set the price, the Eelfinn set a price for him, apparently taking delight while calling him a fool. Mat was later found by Rand al'Thor hanging by the neck in Rhuidean, suspended from a black-hafted spear set across two tree branches.

He later came back through the Tower of Ghenjei to rescue Moiraine Damodred.

Moiraine Damodred

When Moiraine were held captive by the Eelfinn she was held in the Chamber of Bonds. She was kept floating in the center of the chamber. She was rescued from the chamber by Mat, Thomdril Merrilin, and Noal Charin.


Before her death and rebirth, Lanfear was being "held" by the Eelfinn. It's possible that she was also held captive in this chamber. She was perhaps taken away from the chamber by an unidentified man (maybe Moridin) who said while indicating Moiraine, that it wasn't she he was looking for.