EWoT: Charl Gedwyn

Charl Gedwyn was an Asha'man and the self-appointed Tsorovan'm'hael. He was one of Mazrim Taim's men.


Gedwyn was a hard-faced cocky young man, only a few years older than Rand and of average height. He wore his hair caught back at the nape of his neck with a silver clip.


He is stopped by Rand before he can kill Gawyn Trakand from escaping the Battle of Dumai's Wells. Before he can attack Rand, Taim steps in telling him that he is about to attack the Dragon Reborn. After the battle he is placed in charge of the Aes Sedai prisoners who swore fealty to Rand.

He is placed in Rand's command when Rand drives the Seanchan away from Illian. He fries Eagan Padros after Padros's failed assassination attempt on Rand. He convinces Rand to keep advancing on Ebou Dar. He follows Weiramon Saniago into the final assault against the Seanchan. He seems to be very friendly with Weiramon for some reason. On arrival back to Cairhien he, with Manel Rochaid and Corlan Dashiva blow up Rand's quarters in an attempt on Rand's life. The attack fails and they are forced to flee. Later Taim reports to Rand that Gedwyn is a deserter.


Gedwyn was killed, along with Peral Torval, in Far Madding when Padan Fain stabbed them with the ruby-hilted dagger from Shadar Logoth.

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