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Coremanda was one of the Ten Nations forged after the Breaking of the World.[1] It flourished for over a thousand years before it was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars.



In red location within the Ten Nations

Coremanda occupied the heart of the continent. It stretched from the banks of the Haevin, Arinelle, and Manetherendrelle in the west to the River Luan and Erinin in the east and north. It was bordered by Aridhol and Aramaelle to the north, Tar Valon to the northeast, Almoren to the east, Manetheren to the west, and by Eharon and Essenia to the south. Its capital city was Shaemal, famous for its great crystal dome. Other major, Ogier-built cities included Braem (located near the site of New Braem), Nailine Samfara, and Hai Caemlyn.

Coremanda consisted of the eastern part of Andor and most of Murandy, as well as all of Caralain Grass and the southern Black Hills.


Coremanda was founded after the Breaking of the World and was brought into the Compact of the Ten Nations in 209 AB by King Ladoman. It was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars.

After the war, the kingdoms of Aldeshar, Caembarin, Nerevan, and Dal Calain arose from its ruins.

Compact of the Ten Nations

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