EWoT: Corin Ayellin

For others with the same surname, see Ayellin.

Corin Ayellin is an Emond's Field resident.


She is a slim woman with a gray braid that goes to her waist.


When Nynaeve al'Meara was sixteen, Nela Thane dared her to steal a plum pudding from Mistress Ayellin. When Mistress Ayellin caught her, she gave Nynaeve a "whipping."[1] When the men are shearing sheep, she helps bring them food. She is thought of as being one of the best cooks in Emond's Field, her specialty being sweets.[2]


Mistress Ayellin had a fever that Nynaeve was tending.[3] During Nynaeve's testing for Accepted, she saw Mistress Ayellin as part of the Women's Circle.[4] When Cenn Buie does a poor job on the thatching on her house, she tries to get him to fix it.[5]


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