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"Couladin was a bull with a bee in his ear; he might charge in any direction."
   —The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2

Couladin was a warrior of the Domai sept of the Shaido Aiel and the Seia Doon warrior society.[1]


He is described as tall and broad-shouldered, with flame-colored hair.


He was one of the Seia Doon or "Black Eyes."

Couladin from the CCG


After Suladric, clan chief of the Shaido, died, Couladin went with his brother Muradin to Chaendaer, so that Muradin might gain permission to enter Rhuidean to become clan chief.

His first encounter with Rand al'Thor had him coming to blows with the Dragon Reborn before the Wise Ones interfered and sent Couladin back to the Shaido tents.[2]

When both Rand and Mat Cauthon returned from Rhuidean without Muradin, Couladin attacked them saying they killed him but when he spied the Dragon markings on Rand's arms he left with the Shaido very angry and very quickly.[3]

Now the de facto clan chief of the Shaido, Couladin was turned away at Cold Rocks Hold by Lian, wife of Rhuarc and sister-wife to Amys and roofmistress of the Hold. He left in anger and later that night took the Shaido north to Alcair Dal. When he arrived there he showed his 'markings,' which Asmodean gave him, to the other clan chiefs and lied about what is seen in the rings in Rhuidean.[4]

The Death of Couladin

This led to the chiefs siding with Rand, who ultimately told the truth. Outraged, Couladin once again moved the Shaido, this time towards Jangai Pass, on his way out of the Three-Fold Land into Cairhien. Along the way he and the renegade Shaido captured "wetlanders" and made them gai'shain, a move that did not sit well with the other clan chiefs.

When Couladin finally made it to Cairhien, he and the 160,000 Aiel spears he commanded lay siege to the city. A chance encounter between Mat's army and Couladin's band of Shaido led to a deadly fight between the two that saw Couladin dead at Mat's feet.[5][6][7]


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