The Council of the Anointed is the name for the ruling council of the Children of the Light and is presided over by the Lord Captain Commander.


The council sits to determine policy for the entire Children. It will sit in either the Dome of Truth or the personal audience chamber of the Lord Captain Commander.

Recently, however, the Seanchan have had the power to summon the entire council and have them sit at their pleasure to discuss the joint ruling of Amadicia.


They approve Eamon Valda as Lord Captain Commander, though the threat of half a legion of his own men in the Fortress of the Light may have been some influence in achieving that vote.

The Council of the Anointed meet at Eamon Valda's camp of Children of the Light ready to ride. At this point, there are only ten surviving members. They march to seek a truce with the Seanchan, with the goal of destroying the White Tower.

They are summoned to a meeting with the Seanchan at Nassad, though Eamon Valda is killed shortly before the meeting is due to start.


It consists of approximately twelve of the most favored or highly-ranked Lord Captains and the High Inquisitor. This implies that there are several more than twelve Lord Captains at any one time. Known members of the Council are:

Lord Captain Commanders

Lord Captains

  • Abdel Omerna - described as a 'minor member of the council' by Pedron Niall.
  • Eamon Valda - was a member of the council even before he was Lord Captain Commander.
  • Trom - the only verified current member.
  • Canvele - probably still a member if he is still alive.
  • Geofram Bornhald - a Lord Captain and described by Jaret Byar as 'Anointed under the Light'.