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Glimmers of the Pattern
1 Time to Be Gone
2 Two Captains
3 A Fan of Colors
4 A Tale of a Doll
5 The Forging of a Hammer
6 The Scent of a Dream
7 Blacksmith's Puzzle
8 Whirlpools of Color
9 Traps
10 A Blazing Beacon
11 Talk of Debts
12 A Bargain
13 High Seats
14 What Wise Ones Know
15 Gathering Darkness
16 The Subject of Negotiations
17 Secrets
18 A Chat with Siuan
19 Surprises
20 In the Night
21 A Mark
22 One Answer
23 Ornaments
24 A Strengthening Storm
25 When to Wear Jewels
26 In So Habor
27 What Must Be Done
28 A Cluster of Rosebuds
29 Something Flickers
30 What the Oath Rod Can Do

An Answer


Crossroads of Twilight (abbreviated CoT) is the tenth book in The Wheel of Time series. It was published by Tor Books and released on January 7, 2003. Upon its release, it immediately rose to the #1 position on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list, making it the third Wheel of Time book to reach the #1 position on that list. It remained on the list for the next three months. It is 846 pages long.

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Plot introduction

Crossroads of Twilight consists of a prologue, thirty chapters, and an epilogue. Many of the events of Crossroads of Twilight take place simultaneously with the events of the previous book, Winter's Heart.

Plot summary

Perrin Aybara continues trying to rescue his wife Faile Bashere, kidnapped by the Shaido Aiel, even resorting to torturing prisoners for information. In addition, Perrin is approached with the suggestion of alliance with the Seanchan, at least on a temporary basis, to defeat the Shaido.

Mat Cauthon continues trying to escape Seanchan-controlled territory while courting Tuon, the Daughter of the Nine Moons, the woman whom he has kidnapped and who, it has been prophesied, will become his wife. Mat discovers that Tuon, as a potential sul'dam, can be taught to channel the One Power.

Elayne Trakand continues trying to solidify her hold on the Lion Throne of Andor.

Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, rests after the ordeal of cleansing the One Power. He sends Davram Bashere, Logain Ablar, and Loial to negotiate a truce with the Seanchan. They return at the end of the book to tell him that the Seanchan have accepted the truce, but demand the presence of the Dragon Reborn.

Egwene leads the rebel Aes Sedai in maintaining the siege of Tar Valon. At the end of the book, she is captured by agents of the White Tower.


Perrin walking away from his axe.

The ebook cover for Crossroads of Twilight was created by Greg Ruth. It depicts Perrin Aybara after he has thrown away his axe.

Statistical Analysis

See also the full statistical analysis for this book.

Crossroads of Twilight contains a prologue, 30 chapters, and an epilogue. These chapters are split up into 22 different POV's.

POV % Chapters
Egwene al'Vere 20.357% Ch16, 98% of Ch17, Ch18 through 20, and Ch30
Perrin Aybara 16.813% Ch5 through 8, and Ch25 through 27
Matrim Cauthon 16.125% Ch1 through 3, Ch 28, and 29
Elayne Trakand 13.673% Ch10 through 14
Faile Bashere 4.396% Ch9
Samitsu Tamagowa 3.648% 29% of the Prologue
Alviarin Freidhen 3.073% Ch21
Cadsuane Melaidhrin 2.763% Ch23, and 11% of Ch24
Elenia Sarand 2.510% 51% of Ch15
Daved Hanlon 2.375% 49% of Ch15
Yukiri Haruna 2.338% 19% of the Prologue
Rand al'Thor 2.221% 83% of Ch241, and 83% of the Epilogue
Furyk Karede 2.162% Ch4
Rodel Ituralde 1.862% 15% of the Prologue
Davram Bashere 1.632% 13% of the Prologue
Gawyn Trakand 1.139% 9% of the Prologue
Gabrelle Brawley 1.086% 9% of the Prologue
Pevara Tazanovni 0.904% Ch22
Eamon Valda 0.621% 5% of the Prologue
Elza Penfell 0.160% 6% of Ch24
Delana Mosalaine 0.094% 2% of Ch17
Quote 0.051% 1% of the Prologue, and 17% of the Epilogue
1 Chapter 24 has four points of view, two of which are from Rand al'Thor's POV. His first is 62% of the chapter and his second is 21% of the chapter.