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<<<   A Blazing Beacon    >>>
Setting: Andor


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne has been Traveling to various noble houses and villages, recruiting for Caemlyn's defense during the siege. As she leaves her room the maid screams, reporting she saw a ghost of a long dead noble lady. Elayne is troubled by mood swings along with a lot of coddling due to her pregnancy and Aviendha doesn't help. Today she has just eleven young boys and old men since all the fit men left for Caemlyn already. As Aviendha prepares to make a gateway to Caemlyn, Elayne feels someone channeling vast amounts of saidar, somewhere to the west where Rand went that morning. Elayne wishes to go to Rand since he must be in danger, but Aviendha argues that it could mean disaster to show up unannounced. Aviendha also senses a warning based on her use of the ter'angreal rings in Rhuidean which provides glimpses of possible futures and choices. They proceed to Caemlyn and leave Rand to do whatever he is doing.






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