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Setting: Outside Caemlyn, Inside Caemlyn


Point of view: Elenia Sarand

Elenia is riding through Arymilla's siege camp, irritated with the way she is being treated and working on ways to escape her situation. She has pledged her support to Arymilla but hopes to get past that and become queen of Andor herself. She encounters Naean Arawn and they mostly bicker and threaten one another; in the end Elenia promises not to leave without Naean as long as she receives a pledge of support in writing. Nasin approaches believing he is betrothed to Elenia but he is simply crazy. Arymilla approaches before Nasin can create a scene to Elenia's relief. Arymilla engages in various petty degradations of her followers, especially the High Seats sworn to her. Elenia accepts that the only way to succeed with her plans is for Arymilla to die along with Nasin.

Point of view: Daved Hanlon

Daved is heading to a meeting with Shiaine. He is puzzled by the status of the Kin and Windfinders versus the Aes Sedai, back at the palace. He is being followed by someone and sets up an ambush to kill him, He succeeds, making it appear to be a robbery. At Shiaine's house, Falion greets him and tell him that Shiaine has a visitor so he may have to wait. Shiaine has been meeting with other Darkfriends from noble houses who are contesting for the Lion Throne. When Shiaine calls for them they find her visitor dead on the floor. She asks him to free the sul'dam being held in the palace and some of the damane also if possible. Shiaine also complains that the food warehouses are guarded too well for her arsonists. She then asks if Daved would like to see Caemlyn looted.





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