For the chapter with the same title in The Dragon Reborn, see The Dragon Reborn/Chapter 10.

External summary

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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp outside Tar Valon


Point of view: Delana Mosalaine

Delana leaves Egwene and her advisors before they reach camp, satisfied she has caused a bit of chaos by the information she passed to Egwene.

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Carlinya suggests Delana may have been after strife between the Ajah heads and the Sitters or between the different Ajahs. Egwene cautions Beonin to make sure no secrets escape to the tower during negotiations, especially any confirmation on Travelling or the ferret Aes Sedai that were sent to the White Tower. Egwene is willing for the negotiations to be a pretense while she looks for other plans to remove Elaida as Amyrlin Seat.

A worker spills a grain sack infested with weevils. Infestations in the grain and barrels of salted meat rotting has become common lately even though all of the food should have been protected by a Keeping. She observes the many novices in the camp, now organized in groups called families, which has reduced the number of runaways since they have a group to associate with. Before returning to her study and the pile of papers piled on it she stops at the tent where anyone who can channel Earth is creating Cuendillar objects. These are extremely valuable and are now used to provide the funds the Rebels need to keep their army intact. Nicola is there but has to leave for a class and Areina follows her out. Nicola has been Foretelling many events but little sense has been made of what she has seen. She also has been caught eavesdropping and trying to learn things that are above a Novice level. Kairen Stang, Bodewhin Cauthon, and Leane Sharif are the best at making Cuendillar after Egwene. Egwene has a plan for those that are the fastest, but only Leane has had enough practice so the plan will have to wait a bit yet.





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