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Setting: Outside Ebou Dar


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat returns to Valan Luca's traveling show, which is probably the largest in the whole world. There are Seanchan talking to Luca so Mat is warned as he enters. Egeanin, his supposed lover, is trying to take charge again and Mat resents it since it was his plan that got them out of the city. As Mat and Egeanin approach Luca's wagon, the Seanchan officer mounts his horse, preparing to leave the show. Egeanin admits to knowing the officer but he didn't look around as he left. The Seanchan are desperate for horses but Luca has an exemption for giving shelter to a Seanchan woman but he is worried the exemption may run out and unhappy about having so few patrons lately. Mat gives permission for the show to leave and Luca starts ordering the performers to pack up to go. Mat lets Juilin know the show is moving so the rest of his group can be told. As he prepares himself for his next task, the dice start rolling around in his head again.






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