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Setting: Tear, Lord Algarin Pendaloan's Manor


Point of view: Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Cadsuane is in the manor house of Lord Algarin Pendaloan looking out the window at the workers going about their chores. Verin just helped the Sea Folk including Harine din Togara Two Winds travel to Tear so they can select a new Mistress of Ships, which Min's viewing said would be Harine. Min asks Cadsuane to see Rand but she puts the meeting off until later. Cadsuane knows what most of the ornaments of her Paralis-net do, but there are three she doesn't. On her way to Rand, Cadsuane observes the Warders practicing sword forms, even the Asha'man. One of her ornaments can detect when a man that can channel is near and it vibrates more if there are more than one male channelers. Cadsuane also spots Nynaeve who has her own Paralis-net. Merise comments that Jahar has grown stronger in the Power recently which nearly shocks Cadsuane.

As Cadsuane arrives at Rand's room, Algarin Pendaloan is leaving. She enters and Rand mentions that Algarin had a brother that could channel so he wants to be tested. Rand talked with Alivia and found out the Seanchan always regroup after losing a battle, make adjustments and then try again. They never give up which is why they are called the Ever Victorious Army. Erian comes in then to tell Rand her two Warders are approaching, that they travelled with someone. Sarene says the same is true for her Warder.






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