"When you go to buy a sack of flour, wear plain wool so the seller thinks you can't afford to pay any more than you must. When you're after flour by the wagonload, wear jewels so she thinks you can afford to come back for all she can lay hands on."
   — Berelain to Perrin
"Dress poor when you want a small favor, and fine when you want a large one."
   — Haral Luhhan to Perrin long ago

External summary

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Setting: A distance from Malden in Altara, So Habor


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin is pacing, thinking about the puzzle that is Malden, the Aiel encampment around it, the four hundred Wise Ones that can channel and how to rescue Faile from all of that. It has been thirty-two days now since Faile was taken captive by the Shaido. Supplies are running low so a trip is being made to So Habor, taking all the carts and using a Gateway made by the Asha'man go get close to the city. Perrin brings an armed escort along with Berelain, the Aes Sedai and their Warders. Balwer also wishes to go to ferret out whatever information he can. As they near So Habor the countryside is deserted but a Seanchan winged beasts is flying around in the distance.