"The dead are walking in So Habor."
   —Seonid Traighan
For the town by the same name, see So Habor.

External summary

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Setting: So Habor in Altara


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin arrives near So Habor with many carts and plans to resupply his camp since the town did not sell their harvest. A small group heads toward town including Berelain, the Aes Sedai and Balwer. The town guards are more fearful that the party are ghosts than they are afraid of the armed might they represent. They enter the inn where the town merchants pass their time. Annoura immediately demands to know what is happening in the town since everyone appears run down and dirty. Before she gets an answer, Berelain asks for the grain merchants. After negotiations on everything Perrin's camp will need he demands to see the grain warehouse, supported by Berelain. When Perrin slices open a sack, grain pours out along with weevils. Every sack he opens is the same, grain and weevils. One of the men outside screams bringing Perrin outside, then claiming he saw a man that walked right through the warehouse wall.

Seonid also saw the ghost and tells Perrin that everyone in town is seeing ghosts, that the dead are walking in So Habor. Since she can't lie, Perrin accepts it as the truth. Seonid wishes to stay, but Perrin needs everyone he has to free Faile.





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