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Setting: Outside So Habor in Altara


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Despite the dirty town and dirty people in it, Perrin Aybara must purchase grain to resupply his camp. As the beans, oats, and barley are winnowed of the weevils close to the river, the Aes Sedai suggest that some among them might stay to look into the ghost problem in So Harbor but Perrin refuses to allow it.

Back at the camp, Shaido are staked to the ground and tortured with hot coals by Masema Dagar's man Hari. Perrin kicks the coals off the Shaido and interrogates him regarding Faile's location. Perrin is upset with what he feels he has to do in order to get his wife back. He uses his axe to chop of the hand of one of the Shaido, then tells them they each get four chances to answer his questions. If they don't, when they have no hands and no feet he will leave them in a town to beg. He walks off into the forest where he finds Elyas Machera, who reminds him about the promise he made to stop using the axe when he comes to enjoy using it. Perrin leaves the axe where he threw it, stuck in the trunk of an oak.

The carts return with the supplies after three days along with Balwer and Tallanvor who left Perrin some time ago. Tallanvor reports he knows where there are fifteen thousand Seanchan with a dozen damane that are hunting the Shaido also. Balwer suggests they could become allies.





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