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<<<   The Tale of a Doll    >>>
Setting: The Wandering Woman in Ebou Dar, Rahad


Point of view: Furyk Karede

Furyk Karede of the Deathwatch Guard is in his room considering his promotion to banner-general after some success against the Asha'man. He is trying to figure out what may have happened to High Lady Tuon nine nights ago, when she vanished. A Seeker for Truth, Almurat Mor, enters his room and speaks to him of a troubling rumor concerning Tuon and extortion from merchants in Ebou Dar. Mor shows that he is familiar with Karede's background, including receiving a doll from Tuon after saving her life from assassins. Mor believes Thom Merrilin is a spy for the Aes Sedai and may have had a hand in Tuon's disappearance. Mor also mentions Egeanin as having taken two damane that use to be Aes Sedai out of the city that same night and Thom may have been part of her party. The sul'dam used to take the damane out have connections to High Lady Suroth.

After Mor leaves, Karede begins preparation to start his own search under the assumption that Tuon was taken out of the city. He leaves Ebou Dar heading north and meets up with a hundred Deathwatch Guards, twenty Ogier Gardeners and Musenge, the head of Tuon's guard detail. They also have six damane with sul'dam to handle them. They begin a search knowing their quarry has a large lead and they don't know the which direction to go.





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