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Setting: Altara


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin Aybara is searching for Faile with the help of Neald and Grady. The Asha'man make gateways to jump the distance between them and the Shaido who took Faile. Perrin is focusing his anger that his wife Faile was taken by the enemy Aiel by pushing forward trying to figure out how to get her back along with his vassal Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan and Maighdin who, unknown to Perrin or Faile, also happens to be the former Queen of Andor, Morgase, but is now Faile's maid. He tries to find wolves nearby, but strangely there are none. He finds a pack far away but all he is able to learn is that they believe the Last Hunt is approaching, the wolf name for the Last Battle.

It has been twenty-two days since Faile was kidnapped. Many days were wasted going the wrong direction, then others picking up the trail, but now he is gaining ground if slowly. As he rises, Aram informs him that Sebban Balwer and Selande wish to see him. Selande tells him that Masema is sending riders off toward Amadicia but doesn't know why. Also, Masuri and sometimes Annoura are visiting Masema even though they believe he should be killed. After Selande leaves Balwer lets Perrin know that Masema is probably in contact with the Whitecloaks, that survived the fall of Amadicia or possibly the Seanchan. To find out what is going on Perrin suggests having some of Faile's retainers make friends with Berelain and others spend time with the Aiel.





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