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Setting: Altara


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Elyas and Elienda have returned from scouting the Shaido. They are camped forty miles away around a town they captured. There may be as many as ten thousand Aiel warriors and fifty Wise Ones who can channel, a force far larger than Perrin could hope to engage. Arganda suggests trying to ransom the captives from the Shaido but Perrin says no. Perrin wishes to see the Shaido camp so he arranges for Grady to make a gateway nearby. Elyas gives Grady directions and once the gateway is open a small party goes through.

As they near the top of the ridge Sulin and Tuandha appear. When they reach the top of the ridge Perrin uses a looking glass to view the city and camp below. Marline comments that there are too many Wise Ones below, probably all of the Shaido Wise Ones which would mean four to five hundred. He spots windmills on the far ridges and something like a bridge running down to the town, an aqueduct. Suddenly colors burst into Perrin's mind and he sees an image of Rand and Nynaeve. Grady and the Wise Ones are concerned because they can sense vast amounts of the One Power being channeled. He asks Sulin to get him some prisoners to be questioned.





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