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Damona Mountains, located in central and east Altara

The Damona Mountains are a mountain range in eastern Altara. They stretch from close to Garen's Wall to the River Manetherendrelle, forming a barrier between the north and south of the country and an obstacle to travel between Altara and Murandy. The Damonas are "new" mountains, that is a range formed in the Breaking of the World and noted for being extremely craggy. What appear to be passes through the mountains frequently turn out to be dead ends, making traversing them difficult.

The Damonas are traversible by one well-known pass, the five-mile-wide Molvaine Gap, which carries the Great North Road on its way from Ebou Dar to Lugard. The Great North Road is also known in this region as the Lugard Road. Just short of the Gap are the Malvide Narrows, where the road winds through the foothills towards the gap, a perfect place for ambushes and battles.

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