EWoT: Dav Ayellin

For others with the same surname, see Ayellin.

Dav Ayellin is a young man from the Two Rivers. While growing up in Emond's Field he was close friends with Mat Cauthon. He and Mat sometimes competed to see who could get in the most trouble, unless they worked together to cause it.[1] Dav also spent time hunting and fishing with Elam Dowtry and Perrin Aybara.


He is short young man with a build that is stockier than Mat.[2] Like Mat, he frequently has a rumpled, uncombed look about him and often displays a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.[2]


On the day before Bel Tine in 998 NE, Dav partnered with Mat to drag a badger out of its den with plans to release it on the village Green while the Spring Pole was being erected.[3][4] The goal was to startle the young girls who were watching the older women erect the pole. The prank was not completed because Mat became distracted while talking to his friend Rand al'Thor about a mysterious visitor to the village and her male companion.

The next year in 999NE Dav became one of the early followers of Perrin who had returned to the Two Rivers with Faile Bashere. Dav helped to carry Perrin into the Winespring Inn after the Waterwood Skirmish. Though only slightly younger than Perrin, Dav's thrilled grin leads Perrin to mark him as inexperienced and slightly naive.[2] Later Dav participates in the Battle of Emond's Field where he helps defend the north perimeter of the village.[5]

In the fall of 999NE Dav runs away from the Two Rivers with Elam Dowtry and Ewin Finngar to explore the world.[6][7]


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