EWoT: Deepe Bhadar

Deepe Bhadar was an Andoran Asha'man.[1]


Deepe had a flat face, long black hair and a missing leg.[2]


He was from Andor.


Deepe was one of the only three full Asha'man who were in Maradon with Lord Rodel Ituralde. He was the leader of the group of a hundred Asha'man, Dedicated and Soldiers sent to Saldaea by Rand (so probably he was the strongest among them). He helped defend Maradon against the Shadowspawn army.[2] He was standing with Ituralde on Maradon's wall when part of the wall was destroyed by enemy Dreadlords. Deepe was knocked unconscious and lost his lower right leg in the explosion but was saved by Ituralde and Healed later by Antail. [1]

Deepe rides with Lan, cutting enemy channelers weaves while fighting in Shienar in the Last Battle.


Deepe spots Mazrim Taim and tries to defeat him, but is killed by the other man. Lan caught the site of his corpse, mangled and lying in pieces.[3]


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