A Draghkar by Ariel Burgess Official Wheel of Time Artist

The Draghkar are Shadowspawn that appear as humanoids with leathery wings and are used as assassins and overseers by the Dark One and his lieutenants.


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Fleeing from a Draghkar overhead, from The Eye of the World comic

The Draghkar would look a lot like ordinary men, were it not for their unnaturally large eyes, pale skin and a pair of leathery wings, though the wings are often used to hide their identity because they resemble a cloak under certain lighting conditions. Draghkar are slender and tall with very thin, frail arms and hands that are tipped with sharp talons. They have dark shoulder length hair that is often pulled back. A closer look at a Draghkar's almost white face would reveal that in addition to the soulless, inhumanly big eyes and gaunt cheeks, he possesses a misshapen mouth of blood red lips containing sharp pointed teeth.[1] The cries and screams of rage are shrill and distinct.[2]



A Draghkar from The Eye of the World Comic

Unlike Trollocs and Myrddraal, Draghkar have little ability to fight. However, fulfilling their role as highly specialized assassins does not require raw strength but rather stealth and agility. What they lack in force they make up for with their feared hypnotizing skill and deadly twisted "token of affection."

The Draghkar will seek out its target and sing to it in a soft, crooning voice, lulling the victim into a hypnotized daze. When close enough, it appears to be kissing its victim, but is in fact sucking the very soul out of them, leaving them an empty husk. After devouring the soul, it will drain the life out of the victim as well.

There is no known cure or redemption for anyone kissed by a Draghkar. Even if a victim is rescued after a momentary brush of the lips, they are forever changed, part of their soul drained away.

Draghkar are usually used as outdoor assassins that corner their isolated victim at night.[1]They work under the control of Myrddraal and have little intelligence of their own.[3]


Painting by Todd Cameron Hamilton


The first Draghkar were originally humans, corrupted by the Dreadlords who used the One Power on them to turn them into Shadowspawn.


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