Trolloc Wars

During the Trolloc Wars the Dreadlords were male and female channelers of the One Power that joined to the Shadow willingly. They acted as battle commanders, overlords of the Trolloc forces, above the Myrddraal in chain of command. They were occasionally confused with the Forsaken by the less well-educated.[1] Even when victory appeared all but at hand, the Dreadlords never assumed the title of Chosen, for fear that when the true Chosen were freed from their prison in Shayol Ghul they would object to lesser channelers using the title.

New Generation

Although this old generation of Dreadlords were entirely wiped out at the end of the Trolloc Wars, many Darkfriends in the New Era expect to become the new Dreadlords after Tarmon Gai'don comes. Some already use this title, although Dreadlord females retain the Black Ajah honorific.[verify]

Moridin names M'Hael as one who has been raising a new generation of Dreadlords to the Shadow's cause, although he does not name them explicitly.[2]

Around three dozen Dreadlords, male and female, appear to fight against Lan Mandragoran and Agelmar at Tarwin's Gap with the real reason to attack Rand together with a full circle lead by a man. Rand explains to Moiraine as 'teams of Dreadlords waiting to Travel' to wherever Rand appears to help the fight.[3]

Being Turned to the Shadow

A fear among many of those being able to channel the One Power is that they will be Turned to the Shadow against their will by an unholy union of thirteen channelers linked through thirteen Myrddraal.

Some of the channelers, both male and female, e.g. Evin Vinchova and Toveine Gazal have been Turned to the Shadow in this manner by Taim and his chosen Asha'man in the Black Tower, .[3][4]

Also a group of Aiel male channelers have been Turned in this way, called the Samma N'Sei.

The end of the Last Battle finds the majority of Dreadlords dead or captured.


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