EWoT: Durnham

Durnham is a Domani soldier who was in the King's Guard.


He initially has a beard but shaves it off, leaving a strong chin and a Domani mustache.


After King Alsalam Saeed Almadar goes missing, the King's Guard is disbanded by Milisair Chadmar. Durnham becomes a refugee on the street. When Rand al'Thor returns to Bandar Eban, he promotes him to lieutenant and charges him to start policing the city. He escorts Rand to the docks where the Sea Folk ships hold all the spoiled food. After finding untainted food he promotes Durnham to Commander of the city.

Min's viewing

A silver axe is seen above his head indicating he will be a leader in the Last Battle more than likely fulfilled with the Last Battle been and done. His survival however is unconfirmed.

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