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Easar Togita, of House Togita, is the King of Shienar.


Although his topknot is white with age, his face is unwrinkled. He is said to have the soul of a poet. He is 5'7" tall and is slim.


Easar Togita was born in 940 NE. He married in 960 NE, and his wife died in 989 NE. He was still grieving her death many years later, and had written poetry for her. He had sons old enough to ride to war with him in 998 NE.[1]


He led the Shienaran troops into battle at Tarwin's Gap to battle the Trollocs.

He meets with the other Borderland rulers and makes a blood pact with them before setting out and leaving the Borderlands to look for Rand al'Thor.

The army travels to Braem Wood in Andor where it camps down for the winter. He, with the rest of the rulers, meets with Elayne Trakand. They agree with her to carry on moving south towards Murandy in exchange for her not raising a hostile hand against them as they travel.

Rand finally agrees to meet with all the Borderlander rulers in the city of Far Madding. Ethenielle Kirukon Materasu takes the lead in negotiations and strikes Rand across the face. After being struck by the other three rulers, Paitar Nachiman asks Rand a question about Tellindal Tirraso. The four rulers then agree that Rand is the Dragon Reborn and officially meet with him. Rand demands their oath of allegiance; otherwise he will leave the Borderlander army to sit where it is and miss the Last Battle.

Easar is one of the rulers arguing in Rand's defense on why everyone should sign the Dragon's Peace. With the timely arrival of Moiraine Damodred, she manages to finally convince everyone that this needs to be done quoting the Karaethon Cycle. To the Borderlander rulers she quotes:

"He call upon the mountains to kneel"

All the rulers finally sign the document. He accompanied the other Borderlander rulers to Tarwin's Gap, where one of four initial clashes between Light and Shadow in the Last Battle took place. Easar informs Lan that the entire Borderlander army will ride under the banner of Malkier. Easar is impressed with Lan's leadership when Lan lifts the troops morale around him with a stirring speech. They are about to retire for the night when the horns of alarm sound. Both turn around and head back into the conflict. Easar is with Lan when Dreadlords join the battle and start pummeling their army with the One Power. Lan orders the retreat of the Gap. He is assumed to have survived the conflict.