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"Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat!"
   —Saerin Asnobar
For others with the same surname, see al'Vere.

Egwene al'Vere was the Amyrlin Seat, raised of no Ajah due to the unusual circumstances that led to her being raised directly from Accepted.

Egwene was born in Emond's Field as the daughter of the mayor, Bran al'Vere. When Moiraine Damodred arrived in the Two Rivers believing that the Dragon Reborn was among Egwene's friends, she left with Rand, Mat, and Perrin, seeking adventure and said to be two years younger than Rand probably aged 17[1] as Rand is described as not yet 20.[2] Moiraine informed Egwene that she was a channeler of extremely strong potential. After accompanying Rand to the Eye of the World, she would go to the White Tower to enrol as a novice. Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne and Min were tricked by the Black Ajah into going to Falme, where she was leashed by the Seanchan and made damane, and was Forced to reach her potential sooner than she should have been able to naturally. After being freed, Egwene returned to the Tower, where she was raised to Accepted and went to hunt the Black Ajah again in Tear.

After reaching the Stone of Tear, Egwene began to manifest her abilities as a strong Dreamwalker, and was discovered by the Aiel Wise Ones in Tel'aran'rhiod. She was invited to come to the Aiel Waste to train in the manner of a Wise One apprentice, where she was instructed by Amys, Bair, and Melaine. She would stay with the Wise Ones until the Rebel Aes Sedai summoned her to Salidar, where she learned that she was to be raised to Amyrlin Seat. The Hall of the Tower had hoped to make Egwene into a puppet that they could easily control, but she proved her political aptitude, while also being trained in White Tower politics by Siuan Sanche.

Egwene convinced the Rebel Hall to officially declare war on Elaida a'Roihan and had them march to Tar Valon to claim the White Tower, as well as instituting reforms to the Aes Sedai, such as opening the novice book to women of all ages, and showing a willingness to work with channelers outside the White Tower. However, Egwene was kidnapped by the loyalists while turning the harbor chain into cuendillar during the siege, and was held in the White Tower, where she was formally reduced to a novice and drugged with forkroot tea. Egwene was still willing to firmly proclaim her claim to the Amyrlin Seat, and took all punishments in stride. She began to work with several influential Sitters and sisters to turn Elaida's supporters against one another while still a novice, and was also given a list of Black Ajah sisters by Verin Mathwin. When the Seanchan conducted a raid on the Tower, Egwene linked with the novices and used a powerful sa'angreal to nullify her forkroot consumption, before blasting Seanchan morat'to'raken out of the sky with the One Power.

Egwene returned to the rebel camps after the chaos of the raid, where she began her purge of all Black Ajah sisters among the rebels. She was then approached by the loyalists, and was informed that Elaida had been made damane in the attack, and that the loyalist Hall had decided to raise Egwene as their Amyrlin. Egwene took office in the White Tower, formally ending the schism. She bonded Gawyn Trakand as her Warder, and worked to root out Seanchan spies and Mesaana's remaining Black Ajah sisters in the Tower. With the Last Battle approaching, Egwene married Gawyn before commanding the Aes Sedai at the Field of Merrilor. Egwene was left painfully grieving after her husband and Warder was killed by Demandred, and sacrificed her life to defeat M'Hael by countering balefire with a new weave, the Flame of Tar Valon, where she drew in far too much of the One Power and was turned to crystal. She was succeded by Cadsuane Melaidhrin.


She is described as beautiful, with dark coloring [3] large brown eyes, and long dark hair. She briefly wore her hair in a braid, the Two Rivers symbol that a woman has come of age, but once she began taking lessons from Moiraine she decided to take it down because "Aes Sedai don't braid their hair. At least, not unless they want to."[4] She is 5'3" (or 160 cm) in height.[5]


Young Egwene al'Vere from The Eye of The World Comic.

Egwene is described as wanting to learn everything, as fast as possible; she chafes against the restrictions her teachers put on her, even those set for her own safety.[6] Moiraine Damodred has made note of Egwene's social intuition; while she may not understand the private or secret machinations going on around her, she is often (at least) aware that they are happening.[7]

She holds a fairly unique perspective of the role of Aes Sedai in society, having spent only a short time as a Novice in the White Tower before being taken by the Seanchan and subsequently training with the Wise Ones. Her opinion of the Tower as an organization, however, remains very high, and she believes the Aes Sedai thinking that the White Tower should "guide" Rand to achieve the best outcome for the world.[verify]

After being installed as a puppet Amyrlin, she begins to gain skills in manipulation of others.[8]

Her time spent as a Seanchan damane in Falme has caused her to have a deep hatred of them and an unwillingness to make compromises with them.[9]

Channeling abilities

She is one of the strongest female channelers seen in over a thousand years. Among women, Egwene al'Vere is only outstripped in the One Power currently by Nynaeve, Talaan, Sharina, Alivia, Someryn, Tamela, Viendre and the Forsaken. She has likely reached her potential, or at least very far along.

She is also the first Aes Sedai Dreamer to have been discovered since Corianin Nedeal, who died approximately 473 years prior to her rediscovery of this Talent; she is powerful enough to break out of an illusion orchestrated by Moghedien in the World of Dreams, which is no small feat, considering that Moghedien(excepting Ishamael/Moridin) is the most powerful Dreamer among the Forsaken (it is hinted, however, by Moghedien that she wasn't really trying to keep Egwene - just testing her strength).

She also has exceptional ability with weaving Earth, as shown by her talent for Delving and detecting metal ores, and decent with Fire which is a very rare trait among women, giving her the ability to create cuendillar with immense speed and ease (an ability which she incidentally was the one to rediscover). She also has strength in Spirit as evidenced by her ability to still an Aes Sedai holding the Source while she was only Accepted and her Dream-related Talents. By her own admission, she is also very strong in Air and Water, which are usually favored by female channelers. She is very well rounded when compared to others in the tower. Having great ability in all five of the Powers is rare and seen in only a handful of Aes Sedai and Asha'man.

She has no Talent with Healing, though her Healing weaves seem to favorably impress the Head of the Yellow Ajah.

Egwene is a very fast and dexterous channeler, she can split her flow fourteen ways, a feat declared unmatched by any other Aes Sedai, though some stronger than her (as Nynaeve) may well be capable of it.

As with many very strong channelers Egwene has the so called "fast learner" Talent, in fact for her it is enough to see and study the forming of a weave only few times to memorize and learn how to reproduce it.

The Aes Sedai of the White Tower have declared that there are no areas of the Power she needs training in.

Family and friends

Egwene is the youngest daughter of Marin al'Vere and Brandelwyn al'Vere, Mayor of Emond's Field. Egwene's sisters, all older, are Elisa, Alene, Loise, and Berowyn. In The Wheel of Time Companion all the female relatives of Egwene are described with the capacity to learn to channel, many with a very good potential as Egwene herself.

Egwene grew up in Emond's Field with Rand al'Thor, Matrim Cauthon, Perrin Aybara and Nynaeve al'Meara. Though friends with all of them, she was particularly close with Rand, whom it was assumed she would marry when they both came of age. She also wished to become apprentice Wisdom to Nynaeve.

Family tree

Marin al'Vere
Brandelwyn al'Vere
Egwene al'Vere
Loise al'Vere
Elisa al'Vere
Alene al'Vere
Berowyn al'Vere



"You are part of the Pattern, too, both of you, in some fashion. Perhaps not ta'veren - perhaps - but strong even so...""
   —Moiraine Sedai

Egwene al'Vere.

Winternight changed all that. When Trollocs invaded the Two Rivers region, Rand, Mat and Perrin were spirited away by Moiraine Sedai for their own protection; Egwene went with them, seeking "adventure". Moiraine had an agenda of her own: she had discovered that Egwene was born with the spark to channel; it was Moiraine's intent to bring her to Tar Valon to train to become Aes Sedai; when Nynaeve chased after them, Moiraine decided to include her as well, against Nynaeve's wishes.

Moiraine teaching Egwene to Channel

On the journey to Tar Valon (via Caemlyn), Egwene and Perrin were separated from the rest of the party during a trolloc attack at Shadar Logoth. She was present when Perrin met Elyas Machera and learned of his ability to talk to wolves, and she is one of very few people who knows the truth of his golden eyes and occasional bouts of wolfish behavior. At his request, she has kept this secret.

In the Tower

After the events at the Eye of the World, Egwene and Nynaeve were brought to Tar Valon, where they met Elayne Trakand and became reacquainted with Min Farshaw. Anaiya Sedai took an interest in Egwene's Dreamwalker potential. Not long after being accepted as a novice, she and Nynaeve were confronted by Liandrin, who told them that Rand was in danger, and she needed their help. Elayne and Min overheard the conversation, and decided to leave with them.[10] They met Liandrin in the Grove, and traveled the Ways to Falme, where they learned Liandrin had tricked them. Elayne and Nynaeve managed to escape, but Egwene was made damane and renamed Tuli, while Min was simply captured.[11] Through a lot of planning, work, and organization, Elayne, Nynaeve and Min were able to free Egwene during the battle of Falme.[12] Egwene's strength in the One Power was drastically heightened by the rigors of her damane duties, but to this day she cannot stand the idea of being collared again. They met up with Moiraine and shortly thereafter, Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene traveled back to Tar Valon in the company of Verin, taking Mat with them so he could be rid of the dagger from Shadar Logoth to which he was bound and which was killing him.[13]

Back to the Tower

Egwene the Dreamer

Shortly after returning, the three girls were summoned to the Amyrlin's study. While they had been away, Liandrin and twelve other Black sisters had fled the Tower after stealing several ter'angreal, and killing three sisters and other Tower personnel. Although Egwene and Elayne were to be raised to Accepted, the three were still set harsh punishments.[14] Egwene and Nynaeve were charged with a top secret task to hunt out the Black Ajah.[15] Elayne soon joined in their quest, though the Amyrlin had deliberately excluded her.[16][17]

After being attacked by a Gray Man,[18] and questioned by Elaida,[19] they attended Mat's healing,[20] and later asked him to carry a letter to Elayne's mother, Queen Morgase.[21] Verin gave Egwene detailed lists of the escaped Black Ajah members and the ter'angreal they stole, as well as the Twisted stone ring to aid entering Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams.[22] Immediately after, Egwene was given the test to become Accepted (spending a remarkably short time as a novice), during which the stone ring interfered with the Silver arches.[23][24] All three of her trials involved scenarios with Rand, and in her final trial, she held the position of Amyrlin.[23]

The three girls were given an apparent lead by "Else Grinwell" (Lanfear in disguise),[25] and after Egwene visits Tel'aran'rhiod they decided they must go to Tear even though they knew it was a trap.[26] They set out for Tear to find the Black sisters, and after a long journey and several mishaps along the way (as well as meeting Aviendha for the first time),[27] ended up imprisoned in the Stone of Tear.[28] Whilst elsewhere Rand al'Thor acquired Callandor, Egwene managed to capture and shield Black sisters Joiya Byir and Amico Nagoyin in Tel'aran'rhiod, but as the latter guarding their cell was not fully asleep, the girls were unable to escape. Egwene was still attempting to find a solution in Tel'aran'rhiod when Mat found and released them from their cell.[29]

To the Waste

Egwene goes with Elayne to meet with Rand, and breaks the news to him that she does not love him any more, then as planned leaves him alone with Elayne.[30] Whilst searching for the Black Ajah in Tanchico in Tel'aran'rhiod, Egwene meets the Wise One Amys, who tells her to come to the Aiel Waste to learn how to be a Dreamer.[31] After the Stone of Tear, Egwene parted ways with Elayne and Nynaeve and chose to follow Rand to the Aiel Waste, so she could learn from the Aiel Wise Ones how to be a Dreamer. Although Aes Sedai know much more about saidar than the Wise Ones, the Wise Ones are masters of Tel'aran'rhiod. Becoming an informal apprentice to the Wise Ones, she applied herself to learning from the Aiel women. Despite sometimes harsh training and rules that she chafed under, she learned much during her time with them, including taking to heart ji'e'toh, their code of honor.

Egwene as a Wise One

She then travels with Rand and the rest of the Aiel to Cairhien and the battle with the Shaido. She was injured during the attack by Lanfear at the Docks as a result of Lanfear's rage against any woman with whom Rand had slept.[32] While recuperating in Cairhien, she meets up with Gawyn again. They begin to regularly meet with each other and finally confess their love for each, sealing their relationship with stolen kisses. After she had fully recovered and was able to return to the World of Dreams, she was summoned by the Hall of the Tower in exile. Before leaving, she admitted to the Wise Ones that she had visited the World of Dreams without their permission and also that she was not a full Aes Sedai. She then requested that they help her meet her toh, which she met with much ji.[33]

Egwene and Rand severed their romantic ties long ago,[30] and today Rand has his three lovers, and Egwene is enamored with Gawyn Trakand, Elayne's older brother.

Summoned to the Hall

After the White Tower split and the Blue Ajah fled to Salidar, Egwene was chosen by the Hall of the Salidar Tower to become their Amyrlin Seat, in opposition of Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, who sat in the White Tower.[34] The Salidar Hall's public reason was that she was a fresh face who had not been involved in the Breaking of the Tower, and was very strong in the One Power. In reality, certain members of the Hall considered also her connection to the Dragon Reborn while others desired to use her as a puppet, and a scapegoat should their rebellion fail; as evidence, they used an unusual definition of Tower law to raise her directly from Accepted to Amyrlin Seat, which had the side effect of making her a full Aes Sedai with no formal Ajah affiliation. In the unusual election of Egwene it has to be considered also the influence of the Black Ajah, that favored every divisive action in both the factions of Aes Sedai.

Amyrlin Seat

Egwene as Amyrlin done by Seamas Gallagher.

Egwene took former Amyrlin Siuan Sanche as her advisor, and former Mistress of Novices, Sheriam Bayanar of the Blue Ajah as her Keeper of the Chronicles. She was raised, basically only as a figure-head to be controlled by the Sitters, Romanda Cassin and Lelaine Akashi in particular. She has been slowly disabusing the Salidar Hall of the idea that she can be controlled, especially when she taught them Traveling, a Talent she had rediscovered with the help of Wise Ones who provided her with a similar weave upon which she could base Traveling and after questioning Moghedien to ensure it would work before she tried it. She proved herself extremely intelligent and deft at manipulating the women who desired to manipulate her, indeed making them believe that they were succeeding and she could be controlled.

She raises Elayne, Nynaeve, Faolain Orande and Theodrin Dabei to actual Aes Sedai without consulting the Hall first.[35] In the wake of Rand's announcement of amnesty for male channelers, she is concerned about alienating Rand if she answered calls to gentle or execute Logain Ablar. So she circumvented the Hall again, secretly arranging to allow him to escape by having Siuan drug the warders and Aes Sedai that were guarding him.[36]

Soon after, she is wearing the a'dam bracelet when Moghedien is released by a man who can channel. She briefly wonders if Logain did it, before realizing that it must have been one of the other Forsaken.[37] A subsequent investigation intended to reveal the identity of the Forsaken responsible turned up nothing because the search for a male channeler overlooked Aran'gar, who, in addition to freeing Moghedien, was also masquerading as Halima, secretary to Delana before becoming Egwene's maid.

Egwene dreamwalking in a cover of the Japanese edition

Later Faolain and Theodrin pledge an oath of fealty to Egwene and promise to be loyal to her. She finds out that Myrelle Berengari and Nisao Dachen have been hiding Lan after Moiraine's death and sends him to Ebou Dar to protect Nynaeve. She then demands both Myrelle and Nisao's oath of fealty as well, which they give.

Egwene al'Vere.

She also has to deal with Nicola Treehill and Areina Nermasiv blackmailing her for acting as an Aes Sedai while still Accepted. The blackmailing doesn't work and she sends the two away seriously reprimanded.

She then raised an army with the help of Gareth Bryne, one of the Five Great Captains, who used to be in service of Queen Morgase of Andor. Egwene felt called to lead her sisters and army to war against Elaida, although she regrets the need deeply.[38] Gareth has strongly hinted that the army is hers first and foremost, before even the Sitters of the Hall.

Over the course of her reign, she tries her best to live by the three oaths despite the fact that she had not yet sworn on the Oath Rod. She proposes a lot of new changes to the Aes Sedai, including the idea that they should retire into the Kin. She has also opened the novice book for women of any age now, which has increased their number immensely.

She managed to prove herself to be a competent Amyrlin considering the circumstances. Though, it has been speculated that she was the Amyrlin the pattern needed during the last battle as her actions and methods would have had little success during peacetime.

Betrayal and capture

As part of the Siege of Tar Valon, Egwene and Leane secretly row out to the two harbors of Tar Valon to fuse their giant chains by turning them into cuendillar, thus blocking the city's main entrance points for supplies. Egwene is completely successful at Southharbor. Leane, being less adept at the weave, is only partly successful at Northharbor. However, they are both captured, having been betrayed by Nicola Treehill when the sly novice left the rebel camp for Tar Valon. Leane and Egwene are both drugged with forkroot, which temporarily makes them unable to channel.[39] Egwene was taken by the White Tower Aes Sedai and demoted to a novice at Elaida's command. She notices that many among the Tower are at each other's throats and plans to exploit that from within, viewing herself as an agent rather than a prisoner. Her refusal to treat the Tower Aes Sedai with the deference and courtesy expected of a novice leads to repeated corporal punishment, which she takes in stride. Meanwhile, she sows the seed of discord among the Aes Sedai, many of whom have already begun to question Elaida's leadership.

Egwene's refusal to bend to Elaida gains her the respect of many of her Aes Sedai in the Tower, including Silviana Brehon, a Red, who as Mistress of Novices is responsible for Egwene's frequent beatings.

Egwene is required to attend Elaida at a formal dinner. She keeps silent during the dinner, which Elaida takes as servitude. Meidani is also present at the dinner and Egwene requests that she ask for private lessons with Egwene. Watching the whole White Tower crumble causes Egwene pain, which she uses to put into perspective all the strappings she gets. Eventually, she begins to laugh at the pain, as the Aiel do. She feels the pain of division and discord among the Aes Sedai much more keenly. She is visiting Leane when a Bubble of evil erupts and nearly melts Leane with the entire cell. Leane is saved by her jailers Gelarna and Musarin. She then walks back to the Novice quarters when a warping of the Pattern swaps some of the Brown Ajah quarters with the Novice quarters. Siuan continues to meet with Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod, where she gives her the news of Halima actually being one of the Forsaken and Lelaine's reach for power while pretending to be acting in Egwene's name.

Egwene gains the respect of prominent Sisters and Sitters when they invite her to debate with them. Ferane, for instance, compliments her on her logic, and Suana, Head of the Yellow, recommends the Ajah to her. During these moments, she tries to Heal the bridges between the Ajahs, knowing that the Last Battle approaches, and that the White Tower as it is, is woefully unprepared for it. However, this comes to the halt when Elaida passes down an order for Egwene to stop attending Sisters until further notice. Egwene, that same day the order is passed down, is ordered once again to attend Elaida during dinner with several other sisters.

Flushing out the Black Ajah

Egwene al'Vere, The Flame of Tar Valon; by Ariel Burgess, Official Wheel of Time Artist. From her old self to her new.

When Elaida questions Egwene's dreams in front of the Sisters, Egwene has no choice but to force the confrontation that has been brewing for so long. She outwits Elaida verbally, bringing up the massive failures on Elaida's part, as well as her tyranny and her failed attempt to kidnap the Dragon Reborn. When Egwene finally insults Elaida, Elaida momentarily loses her sanity and beats her with Air and throws her in the dungeon on charges of being a Darkfriend, only to be released when Silviana denounces Elaida in front of the whole hall, causing an exchange of prisoners, with Silviana being thrown into the cells in place of Egwene.

Upon returning to her room, Egwene finds Verin Mathwin waiting for her. Verin announces that she is Black Ajah and relates her tale to Egwene, having poisoned herself with Asping Rot in order to circumvent her oaths to the Dark One. Verin also gives Egwene all her notes regarding the Shadow and the Black Ajah before she dies. Egwene proceeds to uncover the Black Ajah, reading through the list of names in the book. Egwene is sickened by the names of Aes Sedai on the list, Sheriam Bayanar among them, as well as Moria Karentaris, and is horror struck at the number of Black Ajah Sitters present.

Egwene in battle against the Seanchan attackers

Attack of the Seanchan

During the battle with the Seanchan that same night, Egwene gathers the novices together, teaches them to link, and organizes the defense on the 22nd Level of the White Tower, and rescues several sisters in the process, including Green Ajah Head Adelorna Bastine, who gains a formidable respect for her during the fight. Egwene proceeds to wreak havoc on the Seanchan with the aid of Vora's sa'angreal she took from the storerooms, forcing them to withdraw. Overall, she blew thirty raken from the sky and captured ten damane, whilst only losing one Aes Sedai out of the forty she rescued, and three of the novices she gathered. She amazed Saerin Asnobar with her competency, and this competency leads to Saerin bringing up her name time and time again in the Hall the next day as a potential candidate for the Amrylin Seat when Elaida is captured. The Ajah Heads, led by Adelorna, eventually take a hand in the Hall, and make their Sitters vote for Egwene.

Meanwhile, back at the Rebel Camp, Egwene purges the camp of the Black Ajah Sisters and executes over fifty sisters, though nearly twenty escape the scene.

When Elaida was captured by the Seanchan, the Hall of the White Tower chose to raise Egwene in Elaida's place. Egwene then chooses Silviana as her Keeper of the Chronicles, having discovered that Sheriam was Black Ajah and wishing to help heal the damage done to the Red Ajah. She berates the Hall for not doing more, and formally requests an admission of guilt and apology from the rebel Aes Sedai, as she welcomes them home. Her stated goal is to reforge the Tower so that its temporary division and damaged reputation will be forgotten in light of their great deeds as the Last Battle approaches.

Egwene begins to follow up on the Black Ajah sisters inside the White Tower to find that most of them were somehow tipped off and have escaped. She has also tested every sister with the Oath Rod but has still not identified the identity of Mesaana. Silviana guides Egwene to where she can see over Dragonmount. There she sees a brilliant ray of light shining through the dark storm clouds onto Dragonmount. She asks Silviana to write this day down as something profound has occurred.

Battle in Tel'aran'rhiod

Egwene Al'Vere

Egwene is later informed that Rand has arrived at the White Tower . After meeting with him, he announces his plans to destroy the remaining Seals on the Dark One's prison in one month, inviting the White Tower and any of its allies to join him at the Field of Merrilor for the beginning of the Last Battle . After his departure, Egwene begins preparations to gather a huge delegation to confront Rand and oppose his plans. She meets Amys and Bair in Tel'aran'rhiod to inform them that she has become Amyrlin Seat and then informs them of Rand's plan. She asks them and the rest of the Wise Ones to help her oppose him. She then meets with Nynaeve and Elayne and summons them both back to the Tower to be tested. While there she uses Nynaeve's own example of becoming Wisdom to help her show respect to the station of Amyrlin Seat.

Although the Tower has been cleansed of the Black Ajah , Egwene is still aware of Mesaana's presence due to dreams pertaining to her. Gawyn comes to confront her on a series of deaths within the Tower, and she reveals that the deaths were probably the result of being murdered by Mesaana rather than the Black Ajah. After an assassination attempt on her life, she devises a plan to lure Mesaana and any Black sisters into a trap in Tel'aran'riod. Egwene sets up a meeting in tel'aran'riod between Aes Sedai, Sea Folk Windfinders and Aiel Wise Ones. It is decided at the meeting that Accepted will go and train with the Wise Ones for six months and then they would then train with the Sea Folk for a further six months before returning back at the White Tower. They would then make a choice a year later on where they would wish to finish their training. Sea Folk and Wise One apprentices would also go through this training program but to the White Tower and the other Channeling faction. It is agreed that for every two Accepted who leave, two Wise One apprentices and two Sea Folk apprentices will be exchanged. The Sea Folk Bargain is also modified so that Aes Sedai sisters no longer have to teach Sea Folk Windfinders anymore and that Sea Folk Aes Sedai can now return back to their homeland and be the Channellers who teach the Sea Folk Windfinders. Finally all ter'angreal that are already owned by the Aiel or by the Sea Folk cannot be claimed by the White Tower.

After the meeting Siuan appears and tells Egwene that the Black Ajah has struck and the Battle in Tel'aran'rhiod begins. Egwene strikes down and kills a number of Black Aes Sedai, during which she truly masters the nature of the world of dreams. After being captured by Mesaana and taken to hidden room in the dream, Mesaana attempts to bend Egwene's will to her own. Using the strength of the White Tower and generations of Aes Sedai behind her, Egwene manages to overpower Mesaana's will, breaking the Forsaken's mind and rendering her comatose.

After Egwene awakens, she finds a massacre in her chambers, three dead Bloodknives, a dead soldier and the barely living Gawyn surrounding her. Realizing that Gawyn saved her life from the Seanchan assassins that were responsible for the murders in the Tower, she bonds him, saving his life and making him her warder, telling him she wants him as her husband. They later agree to become married.

The Last Battle

The Field of Merrilor

While waiting for the conference with Rand she meets with Elayne. She tries to get Elayne to side with her when she confronts Rand about breaking the Seals. Egwene refers to Doniella Alievin's notes on the Karaethon Cycle. She believes it would be folly to break the Seals as soon as the Last Battle begins, but perhaps wait at some later stage in the battle. They then receive a messenger from Caemlyn who tells them that the city is aflame. Egwene goes with Elayne to where all the refugees are coming through gateways from Caemlyn. She is confronted by Egeanin Tamarath, who wishes to serve her. Unsure what to do with her, she has Tower guards take her into custody. Nynaeve then arrives, and Egwene links with her to help Heal all the wounded. Nynaeve is shocked at the thought but Egwene tells her that the Amyrlin is the servant of all.

During the conference at Merrilor, Rand suggests the Dragon's peace which gains Aes Sedai support but later Egwene and Rand argue about his plans to break the Seals of the Dark One's prison. Egwene still refuses to see Rand's perspective and intends to have the Aes Sedai acknowledged as the leading force in the Last Battle. She unsuccessfully attempts to confuse and anger Rand as to mess up his equilibrium and undermine him in front of the congregation of rulers. Instead, she notices that he has changed much in their time apart, and he is not as easily shaken as he once was, not showing any outwardly visible signs of doubt that she can exploit. Finally, Egwene is forced to concede that Rand was right about breaking the seals after the sudden arrival of Moiraine, who quotes the corresponding prophecies that state as much. They aren't to be broken immediately as Rand originally proposed but at the right moment. She also says that as "Watcher of the Seals", Egwene must break them herself and is presented them. After even further prodding from Moiraine, Egwene reluctantly promises to break them when she "felt it must be done".

The Battle of Kandor

Gareth Bryne is given by Elayne the operative command in the Kandori front, where Aes Sedai forces are positioned. Egwene sets up Mayene as the base or the Yellow Ajah. There they will Heal all the wounded brought there. The White Tower is to be emptied and all novices and Accepted based in Mayene, where they will Link with the sisters there to provide extra channeling power. Egwene then confronts Leilwin about her business. Leilwin swears a very strong oath to serve Egwene. Egwene is unsure about accepting the oath but asks her to give as much information as she can on the Seanchan empire. At first the Aes Sedai are only used sparingly on the Kandori battle-front. Egwene confronts Bryne and asks him to actively use the Aes Sedai in battle, as this is what they have trained for. He agrees. Egwene then leads her channelers against the forces that have destroyed the country. Initially the heavy use of the One Power by the Aes Sedai seems to stop with success the invading forces of the Shadow. Egwene hears news that Dreadlords have begun attacking Lan's army. She charges Bryne with sending a message to the Aes Sedai outside the Black Tower, asking them to return in order to re-enforce the Borderlander army.

Egwene meets with Bair, Amys and Melaine in tel'aran'rhiod. The women talk about the troubling dark cracks that are appearing, particularly when balefire is used. They all decide to ban the use of balefire. Amys tells Egwene that she is proud of her and the group then farewell each other. She wakes to find that Rand has come to meet with her before he goes to Shayol Ghul. Rand shows her a ribbon he had kept for her, for when Egwene was of age to braid her hair. The two embrace each other, even though they still do not see eye to eye about the matter of the seals. Rand asks to see them one last time. Rand goes still when he touches them and asks if she is trying to fool them. He tells Egwene that what they hold are not in fact the seals but duplicates. At some stage Darkfriends must have stolen them and now have the Dark One has the keys to his own prison.

Egwene continues fighting on the front lines using Vora's sa'angreal, destroying thousands of Trollocs around her. Bryne expects the Trollocs to retreat back into the hills, but the Myrddraal keep driving the Trollocs forward, for no particular reason. Suddenly a huge slash of light opens revealing a massive Sharan army behind it. Egwene spots hundreds of women lit with the glow of saidar and tells the Aes Sedai around her to release the Source. The Aes Sedai camp is attacked, destroyed and occupied by the Sharan's. In the chaos of the surprise attack, Egwene and Gawyn are trapped under an overturned wood cart and, because of the presence of a large amount of Sharan soldiers and channelers, are unable to immediately escape the seized Aes Sedai camp. Egwene is unable to use the One Power because the Sharan channelers would immediately detect her embracing it, even if she were to invert her weaves afterward. So they are forced to wait for night to come for an opportunity to slip out of the camp. While they are trapped, they see Bao the Wyld (Demandred's assumed identity), appear and address his followers. He detects a female channeler in the camp, and Leane appears, wrapped in flows of air. Bao gives her a message to deliver to Lews Therin: he is here to kill Lews Therin, and if he fails to appear Bao will kill all his followers, seize his lands and utterly destroy everything he has worked to create. Bao names Rand a false Dragon, stating he, Bao, is the true savior of the world. Bao walks off into the camp, Leane in tow, and after some time Gawyn and Egwene make their escape attempt after dark. Gawyn takes the lead, scouting ahead, with Egwene twenty paces behind. While hiding in the shadows, Egwene is suddenly shielded by a Sharan channeler, who foils Egwene's attempt to stab her by also wrapping her in flows of air. While the unnamed Sharan explains how she will subjugate Egwene to Bao's will, Egwene uses the emotional connection of the warder bond in an attempt to alert Gawyn of her predicament by allowing her fear and near-panic to flow through it to him. As she attempts to communicate with him, Leilwin, who had previously sworn fealty to the Amyrlin, creeps up from behind the Sharan and knocks her unconscious. They are soon rejoined by Gawyn, then Bayle Domon, and make their escape to the White Tower.

Egwene finally makes her way back to the Aes Sedai camp, which is now situated beside a river on the Kandor-Arafel border. She notices raken flying around and it has been reported by Min that the Seanchan now fight the shadow.

Alliance with the Seanchan

Egwene meets with Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag to discuss the the terms for Seanchan aid in the battle against the shadow. The conversation gets off to an icy start, with Egwene revealing that she was once collared by the a'dam. This shocks Fortuona, as she had no knowledge on this and calls over Knotai to confirm this story. Knotai turns out to be Matrim Cauthon. Fortuona agrees to fight, and will recognize the sovereign borders of the nations as they stand now. The Seanchan will also not force obedience on channelers that do not violate their borders. Egwene insists on the Seanchan releasing the control of Tremalking. The Seanchan have no leader set up there and do not acknowledge the Seanchan as rulers. Fortuona agrees when she sees Egwene's logic. Egwene agrees to let Seanchan emissaries come to Tar Valon, where they will have free board and collar any woman who wishes it. The women argue on the fact that the sul'dam can learn to channel one day. Tensions flare and Mat is forced to place himself between the two. Fortuona leaves telling Egwene that the Seanchan will fight, but under the command of their own generals.

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-"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it?" - Rand al'Thor

Commander of the Forces of the Light

Egwene decides to give Mat command of her forces after discovering that Gareth Bryne has fallen victim to compulsion that had been woven by Graendal.

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-"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it?" - Rand al'Thor

The Flame of Tar Valon

Egwene leads a rescue attempt for Gawyn after he loses a duel against Demandred.

Upon recovering from the death of Gawyn, Egwene bonds Leilwin as her new warder, and regains Vora's sa'angreal from Silviana. She rejoins the Aes Sedai in battle, who are faring badly against the Sharans. Using the power the sa'angreal gives her she becomes a rallying point against the Sharan channelers and pushes them back east, destroying those against her until M'Hael arrives. M'Hael tries to take her on, but with the power of Vora's Sa'angreal Egwene is the stronger of the two and defeats him, nearly shielding and capturing him in the process. However, M'Hael uses the True Power to unleash balefire to destroy her hold over him and escapes. Egwene uses the opportunity to continue to destroy the Sharan channelers.

After hours of channeling, Egwene is tired, but pushes on and drives the Sharans back at a high cost of lives on both sides. M'Hael returns with the aid of Demandred's sa'angreal Sakarnen, and starts using balefire indiscriminately against her troops. Egwene duels M'Hael head-on, sa'angreal to sa'angreal, but still refuses to attack with balefire, contemplating on Perrin's words, It is only a weave, and her belief on the existence of an opposite weave. Launching a balefire against her, Egwene releases a newly invented weave to counter M'Hael's sa'angreal-aided stream of balefire, which she had tried on the spreading cracks on the ground earlier but now "of a greater power and scope": which she sentimentally names the Flame of Tar Valon. Egwene releases the weave against M'Hael's balefire attack, and the two cancel each other out, with the Flame of Tar Valon also shoring up the cracks in the Pattern created by the relentless use of balefire by the Shadow's forces.

Drawing upon more of the Power than she can handle safely, for Vora's sa'angreal has no buffer, Egwene defeats M'Hael and leaves him in a frozen, crystallized form. Because she had pulled in too much of the Power, Egwene decides to make one last attack to defeat the enemy rather than get burned out and die, laying to waste "her rally of the Aes Sedai and the dozens upon dozens of Sharans she had killed." She wraps Leilwin (Egeanin) in bonds of air, transporting her to safety by gateway and releases her from her service, expressing instructions that, finally realizing the effect of it, she should comply with Rand's plan to break the seals at the right time, at "the moment the light shines."

Egwene then turns to the remaining Sharans, and unleashes the Flame of Tar Valon "into the ground beneath her and high into the sky", which washes across the remaining hundreds of Sharan channelers in the area, crystallizing them in a manner that "would have had much less effect on a person who had not given himself to the Shadow" and sealing all the cracks on the ground made by her duel with M'Hael. Her death leads to her becoming a giant tower of Crystal herself.

Egwene's death is witnessed by those around Polov Heights, including surviving Aes Sedai Leane Sharif, who describes the Amyrlin's sacrifice as a "magnificent burst of light" that "washed the hillside of its darkness and--for a moment--left only brilliance."

Egwene helps Rand to stand against the Dark One after her death, telling him to not mourn the fallen, to let go of the guilt and embrace the deaths of those who died for what they believed in, letting them become what they deserve to be, heroes.

She is last mentioned in the Epilogue, wherein Tam al'Thor, before lighting Rand's funeral pyre, thinks about the quiet simplicity of his son's memorial compared to the elaborate one the Aes Sedai were preparing for their Amyrlin.


  • Egwene has had a number of dreams about the Seanchan attacking the White Tower. It will be an event that will shake the White Tower to its core. This has strengthened her resolve to unite the Tower before this event occurs, but unsuccessfully. This is fulfilled in the Seanchan attack which claims Elaida.
  • She has also dreamed that she is tied to a Seanchan woman who will somehow save her, a thought she isn't too pleased with. Fulfilled when Egwene is rescued from the Sharans by Leilwin and when she bonds her in order to keep fighting after the death of her Warder, Gawyn Trakand.[40]


The name Egwene al'Vere is likely derived from Gwynevere, the wife of King Arthur.

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