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Eharon was one of the Ten Nations that arose after the Breaking of the World and collapsed after the Trolloc Wars.


In red location within the Ten Nations

Eharon was located in the south-central region of the Westlands and was mostly located between the Eldar and the Manetherendrelle, although it held some territories east of the Manetherendrelle as well. It was bordered by Aelgar to the west, Manetheren to the north, and Essenia to the east. Its capital was Londaren Cor and its other major Ogier-built cities were Barashta (which became Ebou Dar) and Dorelle Caromon (which later became Illian).

Eharon consisted of most of the modern territory of Altara and the western half of Illian, as well as parts of southwestern Murandy.


Eharon arose in the aftermath of the Breaking of the World and was brought into the Compact of the Ten Nations in 209 AB by King Temanin.

Eharon was the southernmost kingdom to suffer a Shadowspawn invasion during the Trolloc Wars, with the Trolloc armies brutally sacking Barashta at the mouth of the Eldar. However, they were unable to consolidate their victory and were eventually forced back. Despite this, Eharon survived the wars only to collapse in their aftermath. The new rulers managed to restore the kingdom to its former borders, but chose to give it a new name, Shiota.

Some ruins and statues from Eharon survive, and the ruins of Londaren Cor are still visible northeast of Ebou Dar.

Compact of the Ten Nations

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