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Esandara was a kingdom of the Free Years. It was founded after the end of the Trolloc Wars, and was established on the former territory of Essenia. It was later absorbed by the growing might of Artur Hawkwing's Empire. The lands it once held are now mostly wilderness, although parts of Illian and Andor may have been within its borders.


In red location within the Westlands

Esandara was bordered by the River Cary to the west and the River Erinin in the east, and by the southern Plains of Maredo and the River Shal in the south. The hills and mountainous territory of southeastern Caembarin bordered it to the north. Its neighbors were Caembarin to the north, Khodomar to the east, Fergansea to the south, and Shiota and Nerevan to the west.

The Hills of Kintara and the northern Plains of Maredo lay within Esandara's borders. Its capital city was almost certainly Fel Moreina, as Far Madding was then called (the reason for the name, given that Moreina itself lay some way to the southeast, is unclear).


Esandara was overrun and conquered by the false Dragon Guaire Amalasan in the War of the Second Dragon. One of Amalasan's top generals, the siege expert Elinde Motheneos, was overseeing Esandara when Amalasan was captured at the Battle of Jolvaine Pass. She led over 50,000 troops from Esandara on a rapid march north to assault Tar Valon, but her army was destroyed by Artur Hawkwing and she was either captured and executed or killed in the fighting. Esandara subsequently fell into anarchy and was later conquered outright by Hawkwing.

During the War of the Hundred Years Esandara's former territory became divided by the kingdoms of Kintara and Maredo. Both fell apart within a few centuries and only the city of Far Madding survives in the region.

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