EWoT: Estanda

Estanda is a High Lady of Tear.


She has a stern face which masks her beauty.


She has an intense dislike for the High Lady Alteima. Alteima is sent to Cairhien with the Army of Tear, and Estanda is to look after her sick husband in her apartments until he has recovered.[1]

Later, in open rebellion and treason, she hides out in Haddon Mirk. She is convinced to do this by Sebban Balwer's agents, who in turn is working for Pedron Niall.

She becomes the leader of the rebel High Lords of Tear and moves all her troops to the Stone of Tear where they lay siege, seizing any livestock that comes her way. She agrees to lift the siege if Darlin Sisnera is made King of Tear, in return she will pay the city for food for the next year but will retain her lands and titles.

She greets Rand al'Thor with King Darlin when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.


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