EWoT: Evin Vinchova

For the other Asha'man with the same first name, see Evin Hardlin.

Evin Vinchova is a Dedicated Asha'man.


Evin is pink-cheeked and young; no older than sixteen. Toveine doubted he shaved twice a week and found him pretty. [1]


He was involved in the capturing and bonding of the fifty-one sisters sent from the White Tower. He is part of Logain Ablar's faction in the Black Tower. He is angry about the atmosphere in the Tower, and becomes protective of some of the younger Two Rivers boys (about age 14) training there. Logain tells him and the others in his faction to watch out for the Two Rivers boys, but not too much else it would attract unwanted attention from Taim's faction.

Evin tries creating gateways with Androl, Canler and Emarin but the weaves just won't form. The men are disturbed when Norley reports that something in Mezar Kurin's personality has changed and he is now one of Taim's men.

Evin informs Androl Genhald about the return of Welyn Kajima and his bonded Aes Sedai Jenare. He tells Androl that they are Turned and now serve Mazrim Taim. He is in the inn when Welyn tells the last of Logain's followers that Logain and Taim have patched their differences. Welyn is questioned by Jonneth Dowtry who doesn't believe him and storms outside. Evin leaves to make sure Jonneth is not left alone. He is captured during this time by Taim's men and reveals Androl's plan to rescue Logain. Evin is held in a cell with Androl and after his entire group is captured by Taim. Mezar Kurin and Welyn Kajima come in and drag Evin away, Turning him to the Shadow with relative ease. Who Evin used to be is killed in the process. Evin returns and tells Androl that he manages to convince Taim not to kill Androl, but rather Turn him as well. Androl notices Evin suffering from severe paranoia due to his madness from the taint. [2] Androl calls him over and tells him he over-heard that Abors was planning to kill Evin. Evin thanks Androl and then attacks Abors, killing him and releasing Androl's shield. Atal and Evin grab each other and tussle on the ground, but Evin is killed by Taim's weave.


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  2. Men still suffer from the effects from the taint, even if Turned
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