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Farashelle was a kingdom of the Free Years. It arose from the ruins of Manetheren after the Trolloc Wars. During the War of the Hundred Years the region became independent, although contested by many nobles and factions. It was eventually conquered by Andor and became the westernmost part of that kingdom. The region known as the Two Rivers was controlled by Farashelle at this time.


In red location within the Westlands

Farashelle was bordered by the Mountains of Mist to the west, the River Arinelle to the north and east, the Manetherendrelle to the southeast, and Garen's Wall to the south. Its neighbors were Masenashar and Dal Calain to the north, Aldeshar to the east, Dhowlan and Shiota to the south, and Darmovan to the west, over the mountains.

The location of Farashelle's capital is unknown, although the modern towns of Baerlon and Whitebridge are located within its former territory. Whitebridge was most likely a trade center with neighboring Aldeshar. It is unknown if Baerlon existed at this time. It is known that Farashelle was ruled from the 'Court of Takedo', which may or may not be a reference to the capital city.


Relatively little is known of Farashelle, save that it fought occasional border wars with Dhowlan to the south, which were thrown back by the enemy using Garen's Wall as a defensive line. During the War of the Second Dragon it was conquered by the false Dragon Guaire Amalasan and fell into chaos upon his death. It was annexed some years later by Artur Hawkwing and formed part of his empire.

After the War of the Hundred Years most of its territory was claimed by Andor.

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