The farm is a large piece of land owned by the Kin and used as a waypoint for traveling Kin passing through Ebou Dar. For two hundred miles around, it has a reputation for being a women's retreat, rather than what it secretly is--where the Kin will stay to ensure their numbers in nearby Ebou Dar stay unnoticeably low.

It is located several miles from the city in a broad hollow among three hills. Structures include a dozen white-plastered, flat-roofed buildings in addition to four large barns built in one of the hills. The farm also boasts olive groves to the north and east of the main establishment. It keeps a sharp watch for visitors, to ensure its privacy and secrecy.

Though it is a serene place, it still manifests a slow bustle among the over 100 residents; all women--no men or children allowed. It could be mistaken for a small village except for the missing men and children. Noblewomen and commoners mix on its grounds, but there seems to be an air of equality amongst them as all women are expected to chip in and accomplish the chores required to keep the place running. [1]


After finding the Bowl of the Winds, Elayne Trakand, Nynaeve al'Meara, and Aviendha flee to the farm along with a number of Aes Sedai and Kin just prior to the Seanchan invading Ebou Dar. However, their real reason for fleeing is because Matrim Cauthon persuades them that they are in danger of attack from the gholam.[2]


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