Fat bald man

Male angreal called "little fat man". The size is incorrect.

The fat little man angreal was found by Rand al'Thor in the Stone of Tear. It is the only known example of a male angreal compared to the multitude in the possession of women. It is shaped as a little fat man sitting cross-legged with a sword across his knees. It is carved of shiny dark green stone. Its size is most probably very small. Several times it is mentioned that Rand tucked it into his waistband[1] or into the pocket of his coat.

"One hand went to his coat pocket, to the small carved figure of a round little man holding a sword across his knees.[2]"

"Standing, he dug into his pouch and pulled out the small hard object, a carving of a shiny dark green stone that fit easily into his hand, and round-faced round-bodied man sitting cross-legged with a sword across his knees. He rubbed a thumb over the figure's bald head. [3]"

"Rand forced his right hand open; the angreal, the fat little man, had driven the point of its sword into his flesh, right into the branded heron. [4]"


Rand with angreal

Rand holding the Fat Bald Man angreal

Rand first used this angreal when he used a Portal stone to transport him, Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, Egwene al'Vere, Matrim Cauthon all the Aiel, as well as multiple packhorses filled with supples to Rhuidean. Moiraine Damodred comments that the angreal was not strong enough to have safely transported so many people; Rand reluctantly agrees.

While linked to half of the power of the Choedan Kal, Rand was also able to draw upon the fat man angreal to sever Asmodean's ties to the Dark One.[1] He also used it to bring water to the fountains of Rhuidean, and in battle against the Shaido at Cairhien. It was lost during Rand's captivity by Elaida's Aes Sedai.

Rand recovered it before the Last Battle and uses it to save Maradon under attack. Later Rand makes a gift of the angreal to the Black Tower before his battle at Shayol Ghul, with his last orders for the Asha'man.


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