Alanna Mosvani

Alanna Mosvani creating a fireball

The channeler uses a simple weave of fire to create the fire ball. This is one of the most common weaves in combat and proves to be very effective. This ball of fire travels from the location of the caster and detonates upon impact. The severity and effectiveness of this detonation varies widely and appears to be dependent upon a number of factors, one of which is a factor of strength with the One Power. It is noted several times through the series that this weave becomes less effective as the channeler becomes fatigued, indicating a wide degree of variation dependent upon the "strength" of the weave. One may assume that this refers to the thickness of the flows

While it has been taught in the White Tower that this weave requires a throwing motion, the Aiel Wise Ones have exhibited an overall stronger variation of the weave which does not require physical movement.

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