First Prince of the Sword is the title given to the eldest brother of the Queen of Andor. The First Prince has a distinct role in the government, acting as the commander-general of the Queens's armies and as her military advisor.

A prospective First Prince can be made to take oaths to protect and defend his sister, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, while both are still children as Gawyn Trakand was required to do before Elayne when he was "barely old enough to peer into her cradle."

An Andoran Prince in line to assume the position of First Prince of the Sword has customary military training in Tar Valon, among the Warders.

If the Queen of Andor has no brothers, she may appoint someone to the role, generally a male relative. When Morgase Trakand was Queen of Andor, she appointed Lord Gareth Bryne to the role.

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