Forgers are man-shaped entities, created by or for the Dark One to do one thing: craft the deadly black blades of the Myrddraal, at Thakan'dar.[1] They are neither truly smiths, nor truly alive; transported any distance from Shayol Ghul, they simply turn to stone or dust. However, even their "existence" can be ended by the deadly waters of the stream into which they dip the blades to give them their poisonous killing quality. It seems also that human lives are used, after its dipping in the deadly waters. The exact effects of a human being killed with the blade are unknown, but their souls seem to be important nonetheless. Demandred implies as much when he notices that the shrieks of a man coming from the forge are suddenly cut off and he thinks to himself that now the blade is done.[2] They are basically unintelligent although it is implied they they can become fierce fighters. The swords dissolve away after some time.


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