EWoT: Geofram Bornhald

Geofram Bornhald was a Lord Captain of the Children of the Light.


Geofram is described as being grandfatherly in appearance, and as an experienced soldier with an even temper.


"I remember giving you the oath... what... thirty-six years ago, it must be, now."
   —Pedron Niall

He was given the oath of the Light by Pedron Niall personally around the year 962 NE.

He was considered the best battle commander in the Children of the Light by Niall and was a member of the Council of the Anointed.

Bornhald believed that being a zealot was a good thing but that overzealousness was a flaw. Unlike most Children he did not automatically assume that a suspected person was a Darkfriend, but once he was sure he granted them no mercy.

His son, Dain Bornhald, is also a member of the Children of the Light.

His use of the expletive "yes" at the end of many of his sentences betrays a Taraboner accent. This, as well has his name ending in the common Taraboner surname -nhald, makes it likely he originated from Tarabon.


His Legion was the force that captured Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere, and killed Hopper. He questioned both in his tent and informed them that because Perrin had killed two of the Children he was to be executed once they reached Amador.[1] After their escape he led the Children to Caemlyn and instigated the riots against Queen Morgase Trakand.

Bornhald was summoned back to Amador and ordered to secretly lead a legion of two thousand of the Children's best men into the Almoth Plain. He was to meet a Child of the Light in a village called Alcruna. Once there he was ordered by Jaichim Carridin to begin rooting out Darkfriends on the plain.[2] Ironically, Carridin himself was a Darkfriend known as Bors.[3]

Bornhald eventually realized the futility of these orders. Defying Carridin's instructions he led his legion to Falme. He instructed Jaret Byar to stay out of the battle and report back to his son and to Pedron Niall.[4] He led the Children against the Seanchan. Along with the Heroes of the Horn he drove the Seanchan out of Falme, but was killed during the battle.[5]

Bornhald's death resulted in his son Dain beginning an obsessive quest to find and slay Perrin Aybara, whom he believed had orchestrated his father's death.


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