EWoT: Gerard Arganda

Gerard Arganda is First Captain of the Ghealdan forces.


His hair is graying and he has dark eyes. He is short and squat with a deep rough voice.


He has been a soldier since the age of fifteen and fought in the Aiel War against Whitecloaks, Altarans, and Amadicians. He was just a commoner when he joined the army and has risen through the ranks to become the officer he is today.


Alliandre's kidnapping

When Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin is kidnapped by Shaido Aiel, he and his men just about attack the Aiel within Perrin Aybara's camp. He is told to stand down by Perrin and sent back to camp.

He accompanies Perrin when he looks over the Shaido camped in Malden. He is with Shaido prisoners when Perrin comes in and cleaves one of the prisoner's hand off, looking for answers on his missing wife.

He is present in the tent when Galina Casban is brought in and questioned by Perrin. He later goes with Perrin when he makes his deal with the Seanchan. He leads the Ghealden forces in the Battle of Malden.

Confrontation with the Whitecloaks

Arganda confronts Perrin over him hiring mercenaries as they travel through Ghealdan. Later he attends a meeting with Perrin to decide where the army should go. A decision is made to send a scouting force to Cairhien to start looking for Rand al'Thor.

He is present during Seonid Traighan's report to Perrin on current events that are happening within the continent. He is sent with the Ghealden army to Jehannah. When Perrin's force is about to engage the Whitecloaks, Perrin gets the Asha'man and the Wise Ones to create a massive trench between the two forces. Arganda is frustrated with the wasted attack. Perrin consults with him and Gallenne on where an enemy would set up an ambush down the Jehannah Road; Arganda suggests up on the heights above an old riverbed. He then witnesses Perrin create Mah'alleinir and declare to his followers his acceptance at becoming their Lord and leader.

Arganda leads a contingent of cavalry that surprise attack an army of Shadowspawn who were in turn looking to ambush the Whitecloaks. He is part of Perrin's procession when they meet with Elayne Trakand in Caemlyn. He Travels through with Perrin and the rest of his huge force to the Field of Merrilor to prepare for the Last Battle.

Saving Caemlyn

He rides with Perrin as part of the plan to break the shadowspawn forces that has taken Caemlyn [1]. Perrin grabs his attention and tells everyone that he must leave the army. Perrin places Tamlin al'Thor in charge of the army in his absence.


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