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For the chapter in The Eye of the World called "The Gleeman", see The Eye of the World/Chapter 4.

A gleeman holding his harp.

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A gleeman is an entertainer, often traveling between towns, villages, inns and taverns. They are expected to be masterful story tellers as well as acrobatic, and typically wear a cloak made of many colorful patches. Most skilled gleemen can play one sort of instrument or another, some examples are flute, or if more skillful, harp.

Gleemen are allowed to go almost anywhere they wish, as nearly all commoners delight in or at least tolerate their presence. The Aiel allow only gleemen, tinkers and peddlers to cross the Spine of the World.

The Forsaken Asmodean disguised himself as a gleeman for a time.


  • Gleeman is a historical term for a bard or minstrel. It comes from the Old English word gleomann.

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