A Whitecloak Questioner.

The Hand of the Light is an organization within the Children of the Light which uses various methods, mainly torture, to gain confessions from suspected Darkfriends. They are also commonly known as Questioners, even by the Whitecloaks, who themselves hate their nickname.

Questioner's badge

Questioner's badge

Views on the Hand of the Light

They are viewed as cowards by others of the Children, because they never have to face an armed foe, but are feared by all because of their ruthless methods.


They wear a red shepherd's crook behind the sunburst on their white cloaks. The High Inquisitor, Rhadam Asunawa, wears only the shepherd's crook, as though he is above and separate from the other Children.

Questioner ccg

A Questioner from the CCG

They also have red coloring on their forearms and biceps to set them apart[verify]. They are the most ruthless interrogaters in the Westlands and always get the answer they want. Only a few are lucky enough to live after their interrogation and only a handful have ever escaped from them.


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