EWoT: Havien Nurelle

Havien Nurelle is a Lord Lieutenant of the Mayene Winged Guards.


He has pink cheeks, is slender and a head shorter than Rand al'Thor. He is about the same age as Perrin Aybara.


Nurelle was first seen in Cairhien, having accompanied Berelain, First of Mayene, to the city when Rand summoned her for her assistance in governing the country. He was in command of the soldiers she brought with her.

When Rand was kidnapped by Aes Sedai of the White Tower from the Sun Palace in Cairhien, Nurelle and his detachment of Winged Guards joined Perrin and the Aiel to rescue Rand. He holds Perrin in awe and is very impressed with his campaign against the Trollocs in the Two Rivers. He fought in the battle.

He accompanies Perrin and Berelain into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar.

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