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House Candraed is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor. Its High Seat is Danine Candraed.

House Sigil

The sigil of House Candraed is not known - the only one of the nineteen major Houses that we do not know.


The Lady Danine has been the High Seat of Candraed for at least 28 years.

Third Succession War - The Lady Danine avoided making a decision on Morgase's Succession, instead spending the time "touring her estates". By the time Morgase garnered enough Houses to become Queen, Candraed's opinion was moot.


Fourth Succession War - Dyelin Taravin met with Lady Danine on a couple of occasions. The first time was when she was trying to gain more support for Elayne Trakand for the Lion Throne. Candraed was one of the first Houses approached, but its High Seat could not make up her mind whether to support Trakand or not.

The second time, Elayne has gathered nine out of the ten Houses needed to traditionally secure the Lion Throne, and yet its High Seat could still not commit to a decision.

Now that Elayne has the Lion Throne, Danine's support is irrelevant, though it would be unusual if she did not eventually fall in behind the fourteen Houses that now support Trakand.