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House Mantear is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor.



Mantear was the ruling House of Andor before Morgase won the Third Succession War in NE 972. At this time, the Daughter-Heir, Tigraine, was missing. This was due to the advice and Foretellings of Gitara Moroso, the advisor to Queen Mordrellen.

Mantear was the ruling house for several generations prior to House Trakand, but exactly how many is not known. Prior to Mantear, House Norwelyn was the ruling house.[1]

House Mantear had begun to run heavily into male children and, as such, there was no one for Mantear to put forward from their own House as a suitable candidate for the Lion Throne.


The sigil of House Mantear is a silver anvil on a field quartered blue and red.[2]


Fourth Succession War - House Mantear (along House Taravin, House Gilyard, House Haevin and House Northan) was one of the first five Houses to lend its support to House Trakand in its bid for the Lion Throne.[3]