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Two golden boars on a background of red

Sign of House Sarand

House Sarand is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor. The current High Seat of the house is Jarid Sarand.

House Sigil[]

The sigil of House Sarand is two Golden Boars on a crimson background.[1]


During the Third Succession War, House Sarand did not support Morgase Trakand for the Lion Throne of Andor.[2] Elenia Sarand wanted the throne herself. When Rahvin poses as Lord Gaebril, House Sarand is invited into the Royal Palace of Andor.[3] Despite Elenia's imprisonment at the hands of Dyelin Taravin, Jarid still supports his wife for the throne.[4] Under pressure from Arymilla, House Sarand later supports House Marne for the throne.[1] When Elayne Trakand finally gains the throne of Andor, the members of House Sarand are imprisoned and the influence of their house is destroyed.[5]