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House Trakand is one of the 19 Major Noble houses of Andor, and the current ruling house of both Andor and Cairhien.

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After the disappearance of the Daughter-Heir, Tigraine Mantear in 972 NE, Lady Maighdin Trakand was considered next in line to the throne, as she was the closest female line relative of Queen Mordrellen Mantear. Maighdin died of a fever shortly before the queen died of grief from the disappearance of both her children.

The death of Queen Mordrellen led to the Third Succession War of 972 NE, and Maighdin's daughter Morgase successfully claimed the throne of Andor with the support of twelve out of the nation's nineteen major houses. In Morgase's later years, she began to grow unpopular, as the people of Andor started to disapprove of her alliance with the White Tower, and especially of her Aes Sedai advisor, Elaida a'Roihan. Soon after Elayne and Gawyn left for the White Tower, Morgase was held under the Compulsion of Rahvin, one of the Forsaken, who posed as "Lord Gaebril" and made Morgase take him as her lover. Under Rahvin's control, Morgase became a tyrant and publicly had her allies flogged. Morgase managed to escape the Royal Palace and fled to Amadicia. She later disappeared during the Seanchan attack on Amador and was believed to have been killed by Eamon Valda, although she managed to escape and posed as a lady's maid named Maighdin Dorlain after secretly abdicating the throne to her daughter.

Lord Gaebril However, many nobles refused to acknowledge her as queen due to Morgase's acts under Compulsion, as well as the controversy around Elayne being Aes Sedai. The Fourth Succession War began against House Trakand, with Arymilla Marne emerging as a rival contender for the throne. Although Arymilla beseiged Caemlyn, Elayne managed to win the loyalty of fourteen of nineteen houses and become the Queen of Andor. Elayne also proceeded to be recognized as Queen of Cairhien at the end of the Fifth War of Cairhienin Succession. Her brother Gawyn, who was the Warder of Amyrlin Seat Egwene al'Vere, was killed during Tarmon Gai'don. Elayne is currently pregnant with twin children by Rand al'Thor.


House Trakand's sigil is a silver keystone on a blue background.[1]


  • Third Succession War - Under Morgase Trakand, House Trakand won the Third Succession War. The political expertise of Thom Merrilin, her court bard, was very important to her success.
  • Fourth Succession War - Under Elayne Trakand, House Trakand won the Fourth Succession War after gathering fifteen Houses to support her. The turning point of the war was the defeat of Arymilla Marne's forces during the Siege of Caemlyn.
  • Fifth War of Cairhienin Succession - Under Elayne Trakand, House Trakand won the Fifth War of Cairhienin Succession due to her descent from Taringail Damodred, and became the queen of both Andor and Cairhien.

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