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Jac al'Seen is a farmer from the Two Rivers.


He is stocky and square-shouldered, with less hair than Brandelwyn al'Vere. What hair he does have is gray. He is almost the twin of his cousin Wit.[1]


The al'Seen farm his as large as farms go in the Two Rivers, with three tall barns and five tabac curing sheds.[1]

He is married to Elisa al'Seen.[2]

His son is Ban and his cousin is Wit. He is part of the larger Al'Seen clan.


When Trollocs appeared in the Two Rivers, he provided safety for many of his neighbours at his large farm, including the families of his cousin Wit and of Flann Lewin and Natley Lewin. Tam al'Thor says he is a good man.[1]

When Perrin Aybara and his group visit their farm, Jac greets them. He tells Perrin that the Whitecloaks have been naming him a Darkfriend, which they do not believe but want to know why they would accuse him of such a thing. He accepts the story Perrin gives.[1]

After listening to Lord Luc's advice, Jac and his family take Perrin's advice instead, which is to go to Emond's Field.[3] Jac helps defend Emond's Field against the invading Trolloc army.[4]