EWoT: Jaim Torfinn

Jaim Torfinn was a young Two Rivers man who was considered to be a good shot with a bow and arrow.[1] He could learn to channel and became a Soldier within the Asha'man.


He was spindly, with dusty brown hair.[1]


His family's farm lay between Emond's Field and Watch Hill. When Perrin perusaded the Torfinns to go to Emond's Field, Jaim joined Perrin's band. Later Perrin sent him back to Emond's Field and Jaim was not happy about that while the others could be heroes. He missed the ambush in the Waterwood and was thereafter reluctant to join the Companions.

It is possible that he is the brother of Jancy Torfinn, a novice with the Rebel Aes Sedai.


He joined to Perrin Aybara to rescue the prisoners taken by the Children of the Light when they were in the Two Rivers. He also helped to defend Emond's Field against the invading Trolloc army.[2] Since he was capable of learning to channel he was recruited by Taim for the Black Tower.

He interacted with Androl while he gave them some advice on how to dig a canal right with the One Power while he was leading a team of mostly Two Rivers channelers in clearing land within the Black Tower with saidin.


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